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Submitted on
March 27, 2008
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               Bill pulled the peak of his cap down to cover his face, as he stepped out onto the busy street. He turned back and gestured a final thank you through the shop window and walked down the street. He kept his head down and buried his hands into the pockets of his jacket. ‘I hope nobody notices me’ he thought quickly glancing around for any suspicious activity. Being rushed by fans was not something that he would be able to handle in his current state. He felt somewhat light headed, but extremely happy.

              His phone buzzed in his pocket. “Hello?” he answered. It was Tom. “Yeah........Sorry............I know.........I’m coming back now.........Bye” He hung up. Tom was worried about him. He had left rather abruptly and didn’t tell Tom where he was going. ‘I hope he won’t be angry when he finds out’ Bill thought as he hurried through the crowded street. Bill was anxious to see Tom’s reaction, but he wondered if Tom should know so soon. He never asked his opinion before so, he wasn’t sure how Tom would feel.

              Bill shut the door behind him with a quiet bang. Tom rushed into the room to check who had arrived. “Bill! Thank God!” he gasped. ” Why didn’t you tell me where you were going? You just ran out.” Bill smiled shyly and started playing with his manicured nails. “Your way too protective of me Tommy” Bill said teasingly as he slinked past Tom. Just as he passed he grazed his hand off Tom’s ass. Tom jumped and turned to smirk at Bill who skipped off. ‘Heehee! That will soften him up before I tell him’ Bill thought as he flopped onto his bed.

              He carefully slipped off his jacket. He winced slightly as the heavy leather material brushed off his bandaged arm. He flung his jacket to the floor and inspected the bandage. It covered almost his entire lower arm. He smiled as he gently ran his finger over it. “Billy?” Tom said walking in to the room. Bill dropped to the floor and pulled his jacket on covering his arm again. “What are doing? Are you coming out for the movie, George and Gustav are here?” he said, confused. “Erm...ahh....I’m just cold, I’ll be out in a minute.” Tom chuckled and left Bill alone. ‘That was close, but I’m going to have to tell him soon.’ He thought following Tom to the couch.

“That movie was shit!” Gustav complained as Georg stood up to turn it off.

“Guys, sshhhh, Bill’s asleep” Tom said cocking his head towards the silent sleeping Bill.
“What are we gonna do? We can’t watch another movie if he’s sleeping” Georg asked.

“em....well I suppose I could carry him to his room” Tom suggested.

“Yeah, you do that while I put on the other movie. Gustav go get more popcorn”

              Tom carefully picked up his younger brother. ‘It’s a good thing he’s so thin, or he’d be too heavy to carry.’ Tom thought walking as quietly as he could to Bill’s room. He set Bill on his bed. He stood back and studied him. ‘He looks so innocent when he’s asleep’ Tom thought. He noticed that Bill was still wearing his jacket. He sat on the bed and started to manoeuvre it off his twin. Bill’s eyes opened slowly and he felt Tom taking off his jacket. ‘Shit!’ Bill thought ‘he’s going to see it.’ Bill grabbed Tom’s t-shirt, pulled him down and kissed him. Tom was so surprised that he bit Bill’s lip.

“Ow” Bill muttered.

“Sorry” Tom blushed “You surprised me. I thought you were asleep”

“I was, but I’m not anymore”

“And what is that supposed to mean?” Tom asked with a playful smile.

“You know what it means” Bill whined.

“Yeah, but I like hearing you say it. Anyway we can’t Georg and Gustav are still here.”

“Fine!” Bill huffed crossing his arms in playful annoyance.

Tom chuckled. “Go to sleep, Billy” Tom stood up and began walking out of the room.

“Wait Tommy!” he called softly.

“What?” he asked turning around.

“You never kissed it better.” Bill said cutely pointing to where Tom had bit his lip.

             Tom smiled. He flounced back over to Bill and climbed onto him. Bill quickly positioned his arm out of harms way and pressed his lips to Tom’s once again. The kiss was quick but perfect.

“Better?” Tom asked standing up. Bill smiled and yawned.

“Now Billy, sleep!” he said roguishly as he walked out of the room and closed the door. Tom ambled out to the living room to see Gustav and Georg fighting over a can of coke. Tom laughed and toppled onto the nearest chair. Georg and Gustav stopped fighting eventually and started the movie. ‘God, I wish I was with Bill.’ Tom thought as he tried to follow what was happening on the television screen.

               The movie ended finally and to Tom’s dismay Georg and Gustav decided to spend the night on his couch. ‘Great, that means no alone time with Bill for a while’ he thought as he said goodnight to his band mates and headed to the bathroom. On his way to bed he peeped his head into Bill’s room. Small snores were coming from Bill. He walked up to Bill’s bed on his tip toes so as not to wake his sleeping brother. He loved watching Bill sleep. Whenever he spent the night with him he would stay awake for hours watching him. He bent down and planted a soft kiss on Bill’s lips. Bill smiled but continued to sleep. “I love you” Tom whispered. He left and went to bed. That night he dreamt of Bill.
I wrote this ages ago when I first found out, so it's a little behind.

Hopefully everyone can get what I'm talking about. If not it will be explained as it goes on.

It's only a short story, but i decided to post it cause it was just sitting in my files collecting virtual dust! heh heh......

Hope you enjoy!

Freiheit 89:
Cover: [link]
Chp.1: You are here!!
Chp.2: [link]
Chp.3: [link]
Alt.End (Mature!): [link]
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